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The dream is to work from home and many people are actually living this dream!

According to a report from Flexjobs telecommuting workers have increased by 115% in the past decade in the US. There are about 3.9 million u.s employees who work from home, either full time or part time.

What really surprised me was, these telecommuters actually earn more than the non – telecommuting workforce. AMAZING RIGHT!!!

Wondering how is that possible? Well here are the reasons why you should actually consider working from.

All of this has only been possible because of the internet. Initially all these opportunities to work from home were considered as a scam. And to be honest many actually were, which lead to discouraging a lot of of people to choose this option.

However the times have changed and many reputable companies are actually offering at home jobs.

Having that said its always a good idea to be vigilant, as there are still many work at home scams out there.work from home pinterest

Which is why I have compiled a list of 10 companies that are offering work at home jobs. Keep in mind some of the jobs that I would be referring can actually help you earn a good full-time income, but there are some which are good to make some extra income.

So without further a do, lets start this!!



work from home telework

If you looking to work from home then why not work for the number one employer in the united states, “the Government”.

This is the official website for the Federal Governments Telework program which is maintained by the us office of personnel management. this is accordance to the Telework Enhancement Act 2010 which was passed by  the congress, encouraging the government to open doors to various federal agencies for part-time workers.


Virtual Vocations

work from home (virtualvocations)

If you are looking for any kind of work from home job, then virtual vocation is the best job service out there. They provide job seekers with legitimate work at home jobs leads.

We all know finding a legit telecommuting job online is pretty daunting. But not with virtual vocations, they do all the hard work, their team gathers jobs leads from jobs boards, social media streams, blogs and other direct employers.

It doesn’t matter what occupation you have, you will find all sort of virtual opportunities at virtual vocations.

You can either create a free account with them or get a premium subscriber access.

Call Center Options

work from home(callcenteroptions)

They provide businesses with the best outsourcing solutions, from call center services to back end support solutions.

To get hired you need excellent oral and written communication skills.

Currently they have two jobs openings in US:

Enrollment specialist – customer service

Part-time virtual customer service representative


work from home(vipdesk)

Vipdesk provides outsourced customer care services to premium companies (retailers, luxury travel, consumer products and financial companies).

They are continuously looking for candidates who can help them provide their customers an excellent service experience.

Not only do they have an excellent compensation plan, they also provide paid vacations, medical, dental and vision insurance and life insurance,

Currently they have openings for brand ambassadors and customer service representatives.


work from home(leapforce)

At leap force you can become an independent work from home agent, allowing you flexible working hours, competitive pay and a lot of exciting research work.

And these aren’t just words, employees who have worked with leap force have been really satisfied. Not only they enjoy the freedom to control their schedule, they are also compensated well and timely. Leap force is also a contractor to Google and they hire search quality raters through them.

So not only it’s a great opportunity to work from the comfort of your home its also an excellent way to stay informed of the social media trends and services.

Currently they have an opening for RaterLabs Internet analyst in the US, so apply now.

Virtual Assistant Needed

work from home(virtual-assistant-needed)

The internet has given birth to thousands of new career opportunities, only a few years ago the concept of virtual assistants was still unheard by many people. Now, this niche has developed in to a more than $16 BILLION market according to tractica.

The best part is all, there it only take your free time, laptop and a DSL connection to get started.

If you are looking for a work at home career as a virtual assistant then you should apply here. Though they don’t offer VA jobs themselves. They are pre-screening company, who filter out applicants to best meet the criteria of their clients.

VAN not only helps you find a good VA job, they also train you to become the best at your job  with various free training opportunities.

Here are the different jobs you can get hired for:

-Menu/Lunch Specials Updater and Fax-er
-Real Estate Assistant and MLS Input – Fax Required
-Website Copy Proofreader
-Bookkeeping Assistant – Fax Required
-Appointment Reminder

Working Solutions

work from home(working-solutions)

Glassdoor has rated Working solutions as the highest rated home agent company. They have been in the virtual business for more than 20 years and have clients like Asurion, Expedia, Office depot and Stub hub.

They provide sales and customer services across the United States. In order to work with them all you need is an active internet connection and a landline number.

Currently they have job openings for corporate and customer service travel agent in various states of USA.

In order to apply join their online WSOL community, and once you have completed your profile you can apply for your desired position.

Work from home with Scribie

work from home(scribie)

Another great way to work from home and make money online is by becoming a transcriber for Scribie. You have the freedom to work on your own convenience and earn from $5 to $20 per audio hour.

All you have to do is listen to an audio file and either dictate or type as accurately as you can.

Here are their requirements to start working with them:

  • Certification  (to become a certified transcriber you need to pass a Scribie test once you submit an application)
  • Good comprehension of English
  • Verified PayPal account (linked to a bank account or credit card)
  • Laptop/desktop computer and internet connection
  • Headphone/headset
  • Latest version of FirefoxChrome or Safari web browser

Once you have been approved and certified, now you can start working for Scribie. You will be given access to audio files  which are available on first come first serve basis. So you actually don’t need to bid for work, rather just apply for a project.

If you are looking to pursue your career in transcription then I would suggest you to take this free introductory mini course from transcribe anywhere. This will help you get a good feel out of the work that is required and get you ready for the job.

There is a lot of earning potential from Scribie

  • If you only transcribe then you can earn $200- $300 a month
  • If you transcribe and review  – $300-500
  • Transcription + review +proof reading = $500 – $700
  • Transcription+ review+ proof reading + QC =$700- $1000

Transcribe Me!

work from home(transcribe-me)

Transcribe me! Is a top rated work from home website offering an intuitive platform, regular payouts and consistent work.

They have the best pay rates in the transcription industry, with rates starting from $20 per audio hour. So if you really work your arse off you can actually earn up to $2200 in a month so that’s good extra income on the side.

There is no upfront investment required you to start or no prior experience. Simply pass their test and  start working.

Signup now to make money in your downtime!


work from home(teletech)

Teletech was ranked number 4 on Flexjobs 2017 annual list of the top 100 companies offering remote jobs. They are the largest virtual customer service employer globally.

In order to look for a work from home job; just type in “@home” in location or “remote” as a keyword.

They offer wide range of benefits for their virtual employees as well, from health coverage and vacation to employee discounts and wellness programs.

According to indeed they pay about $8.5 – $10 per hour.

So apply now and start working in your “slippers”


Final Words

There are many legitimate opportunities for work form home, however I have tried to cover the ones I personally know are not scams and actually offer some real work. So doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom, retired, college grad, student or someone who is trying to make some extra money, these sites will help you work from home.

Do bookmark this page for future reference,  I will keep updating this post along the way so that there are more opportunities for you.


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  1. Working from home is definitely a trend and it will only increase over time. The company i work for just adopted up to 20% remote office for all employees. Workers will be looking more and more into flexibility as a social benefit and companies won’t have the choice tonoffer it in order to attract talents.

  2. From these on the list I only know of Transcribe Me. I’ve actually looked at it earlier on, but then decided that blogging and affiliate marketing was the way I wanted to go ahead. I love working from home, it’s a whole different world from the 9-5 rat race!

  3. Telecommuting is the best option especially with heavy traffic daily and almost all day. Also, working from home will make you more productive and less stress as well.

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