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One thing that I keep telling my readers is to START using Pinterest to increase their traffic.

When I started my blogging journey I used to look for strategies to attract more readers towards my content. This quest helped me discover 8 ways to increase traffic your website.

But one of the most powerful weapons to attract tons of traffic is Pinterest. It is not just a social media network, but also a search engine, that uses ever-changing algorithms, known as “SMART FEED” to display relevant (high ranking) pins to its users.

However I won’t just talk about the greatness of Pinterest, but I will teach you how to be successful using it.

Today I would focus on repinning

What is Repinning?

Well by definition, repinning is an act of bookmarking an image you find on Pinterest browser on to your own board.  This action is similar to liking an image however when you repin an image  credit is given to its owner, translating in to better Pinterest ranking.

Why is Repining Important?

Repining is the backbone of Pinterest which will help you increase traffic to your website

Here’s how –

  • Repining niche relevant interesting & valuable content will help you attract more followers.
  • Get more attention towards your profile/account from the accounts you repined. When you repin someone’s image they receive a notification on their account and as well as an email. So basically you when you repin, you are not only sharing good information, you are also marketing your own account as well. It’s a win-win approach. This attention will build your name and a higher ranking on Pinterest algorithms.
  • The account you repined might return the favor by repining your content, thus increasing the exposure of your content and account to their followers. And this goes on and on widening your reach and exposure.More Exposure= More Repins =More Page views

Best ways to Repin on Pinterest

Now that you know the importance of repining, lets talk about the different repining options.

There are two methods to repin:

  • Use a scheduler
  • Pin Manually
Mehtod#1 Pinterest Scheduler

There are two popular Pinterest schedulers available on the internet

Both the schedulers are designed to make your pinning experience fun and hassle free. However Boardbooster is much more simple to use as compared to tailwind.

All you would need to do is login to your schedulers once or twice a month and schedule your pins. They will pin to your own and Group Boards everyday, and as many times as you want them to.

Many pro-bloggers have found great success with Pinterest schedulers, helping them increase traffic tremendously.

Here is my referral link for a free month of tailwind if you want to automate your pins.

Like everything there are pros and cons of using a Pinterest scheduler.


  • Automates the pining process, freeing up time for other blog building activities
  • Smart scheduler, allowing you to pin at the best times for your audience
  • Great analytical and reporting tools: It shows the number of follows, repins, likes you receive. It also shows the high trending pins on your account.
  • Tailwind tribes; helps increasing reach of your pins even more. Tribes have the same concept as group boards, but are built into tailwind. You join different tribes, share your and others content to increase traffic.


  • Although the pinning process is automated and you have to set it up once or twice a month. Yet these schedulers are extremely time consuming to setup
  • When you pin with a scheduler, the pin is considered to be new on pinterest, thus hurting its ranking in smart feed.
  • Expensive to use. If you are just starting out you really want to keep your expenses low.  though both the schedulers offer a 100 pins free trial using them can be pricey. It’s a $100 expense annually.
Method #2 Manual pinning

As a new blogger I didn’t want to really increase my expenses, so I was inclined by a pinning method I read in a book Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell. In her book she talks about to pinning manually rather than using a scheduler.


pinteresting strategies

And she gave all the valid reasons!

According to her, and I have found this my research as well, if you use a scheduler your pin is considered as brand new.  Thus this effects your overall Pinterest ranking. So if you pin has already been repined 100 times, saved and clicked by users, when you schedule it, the pin will have Zero stats associated with it.

This was astonishing revelation for me. Why should I spend $100 a year only to negatively effect my performance

To be honest I used to pin manually even before I read the book, but somethings were not clear to me;

  • Which boards should I pin to and how often
  • Should I even keep a track of my repins or just pin randomly
  • How many pins should I pin
  • Am I pinning the correct way.

When I read Pinteresting Strategies, one thing was clear for me , my pinning strategy was right but I wasn’t doing it the right way.

The book taught me:

  • To use google analytics to identify best performing pins and to repin them
  • How to filter my Pinterest profile to improve my Pinterest ranking
  • Its not only about adding pins, but one should also delete under performing pins
  • Carly’s pinning strategy AND WOW what an approach does she have.
  • A pinning schedule to follow.

The biggest win I got from the book was Carly’s strategy. Before I read her book I didn’t really know how to use Pinterest properly. I used to randomly pin to group boards, I didn’t know the importance of optimizing my Pinterest profile for SEO. But the most important thing was the pinning schedule shared by her.

After using her strategy, I wont claim I went from 0 – 1000 page views in a day, but her strategy is working positively on my blog and I do she small steps towards a big traffic.

The only negative thing about manual pinning is the time consumption. It actually consumes a lot of time, but it’s really worth it.

Pro’s and con’s of manual pinning


  • Its free
  • More control over the pinning you do
  • Helps in building a higher pitnerest rank
  • More engagement on pinterest
  • As it requires a lot of time to manually pin, this is good for o yur profile ranking. Pinterest rewards users who spend more time in form of higher ranking, more reach and suggestions.


  • There is nothing bad about manual pinning other than the sheer amount of effort and hardwork required. Manual pinning is not easy, it requires a lot of time. You can safely say it can consume an hour from your day. However its worth it.

Which method to use?

Well both the methods have their positives and negatives. That being said , I think time and money play a vital role in helping you decide.

If you are beginner, who is looking for free ways to drive traffic then manual pinning is oyur answer.

So the only question is which pins to repin?

Well there are two ways to find pins for repining:

  • Go to Pinterest Analytics > Click on Profile > Press Saves > Pin from the list that appears infront of you
  • The other way is to use Google Analytics Go to Google Analytics > From left menu choose acquisition > social > Network referral. Now click on pin
    pinterest pinning
    Now click on Pinterest


    Press the link you want to pin

   pinterest strategy


How much should you PIN?


Yes, you have to pin daily and you should try at least 70-100 pins. Yes this seems to be hard, but its not impossible.

Even if you  don’t have enough of your own pins, it doesn’t matter. You are working to increase your ranking in Pinterest algorithm.

Follow the 80/20 rule in pinning. Pin 80% of others content and 20% of your own. But never SPAM, this would only hurt your rating and image in pinterest.

To find out more on how to succeed in Pinterest read my 6 Best Pinterest Strategies to Increase Traffic.

If you have any questions please do ask me in the comments and I will try to answer them.

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    I have been meaning to work on by pinterest but never get to it. This is a subject I truly dont know much about or better yet dont know anything at all. Is there a Pinterst guide for beginners? haha

  • August 11, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    Pinterest has always been a hard social media platform for me to get traction in and I loved reading all of your suggestions. I’ve never thought about using google analytics to identify my best performing pins. That’s such a great tip! x

  • August 12, 2017 at 4:01 am

    Good info! I really thought it was just important to add my own pins. I didn’t realize how important re-pinning is.

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    I couldn’t agree with you more about using pinterest to really drive traffic to your blog and websites. It is such an awesome platform and has done so much for my business.

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    Pinterest has always been a hard social media platform for me . I def need to work on it more.

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    These are great tips! I’m using pinterest to pin my blog posts and to also repin others, but I know I’m not doing it the best way possible. This post was VERY helpful!

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    Boardbooster is my favourite and I love the fact that it makes my pinning strategy so easy. I have also tried Tailwind but I currently use massplanner to automate most of my Pins.

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