8 Best Amazon Gadgets to buy in 2018


Amazon have really brought a change in the market not just as an online retailer, but has also introduced us to Alexa in a variety of different forms, helped us carry our book collection in a compact and easy way with Kindle and bunch of other gadgets.

Here is is a list of 8 amazon products you need to have:

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)


amazon echoThe new Amazon echo is an upgrade of the older version, with its sleeker design and much improved sound quality. The predecessor’s major issue was its ability to understand the users request and its low quality sound. Though the technology was way ahead of its time but it still made mistakes, which has been resolved in the 2nd generation models.  

The echo is now equipped with Dolby-Tuned pair of audio drives which deliver a clearer sound with robust bass. They have also given it 7 microphones so Alexa can hear you better. These new echo’s are available in wood and fabric finishes, making it look more homely. Buy it now and save $20.


Amazon Echo Plus

amazon echo plus

If you give you home a touch of the future then you need to get the new amazon echo plus. It has all the lovely feature of the echo, better sound, better look and it also the best way start your smart home. it has a built in Zigbee smart home hub allowing you to control Zigbee compatible smart home devices (i.e lights, locks and plugs). Not only that, the new echo plus is also compatible with other brands like HUE, YALE, GE and Philips. Not only you can now as Alexa to play your favorite song, make a call or ask a question, you can also control your home.

Avail this amazing amazing deal right now and get a Philips with Echo plus for $149.99.


Amazon Echo Show – $229 ( Buy two get $100 off)

alexa showMake Alexa experience more functional and useful with the amazon echo show. It comes with a 7” screen, 5 megapixel camera and 8 microphones, totally changing the way you interact with Alexa. Now you can make videos calls, watch videos, control your smart home, monitor your security cameras and the list just goes on and on. This is a all-in-one smart home maker definitely for just $229.

Buy two and get $100 off.

If you are a fan of the amazon echo then the echo show is definitely a MUST HAVE!


Amazon Echo Spot

The echo spot is basically a cuter version of the Echo show with a 205” screen. It fundamentally provides all the same features in the echo show but at a lower price ($129.99).


Echo Look ($199.99)

echo look

Now this device is all for the fashion bloggers, instagrammers, snapchatters and stylish people out there. With the echo look you can not only use Alexa to ask questions, play music, make a call, read a message, control your smart home, do your shopping and more- you can also take full length photos and short videos of your daily look.  The echo look has a hands-free camera with built in led lightning and depth sensing allow you to take pictures from every angle right on to your mobile phone.


Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

amazon fire kid edition packLooking the best tablet for your children?  Look no more,  get your kids the Amazon Fire Kids with a 7” display with 16 GB storage. This is specially made for kids, with a kid-proof case, protecting the tablet from any kind of misuse. Its is both shock and water proof, and the best part is it comes with a 2 year worry-free guarantee, so no matter if your kids break the fire, amazon will replace it for free.

In this deal you are also getting two fire kids, one year of free-time for just $149.98.

Now your kids  will have access to 15000 popular apps, games, videos and educational content, Disney and Nickelodeon right on their tablets.

So stop giving your phone or ipad to your kids, get them the fire kid which is specifically made for them.

Comes in combination of yellow, pink and blue.


Kindle Essentials Bundle including 6 “E-Reader, Amazon Cover and Amazon Adapter (SAVE 15%)

kindle essentialWant to keep your entire book collection with you while travelling? Now you can with the Kindle E-reader. It has a 6-inch e-ink display with crystal clear display even when held under sunlight. Store thousands of books in one place and carry them where ever you want, you will never be bored again! The best part is you don’t have to worry about charging it often as its battery can last for weeks. AN AMAZING DEAL, you get to buy not only an E-reader (79.99) but also an amazon cover (29.99)and amazon adapter (19.99) all for just $114.97.


Amazon Echo Dot

echo dot

Amazon Echo Dot is a hands free, voice controlled device which uses 7 built-in microphones to hear your commands for Alexa. You can set this tiny device in various part of the house and control Alexa and other amazon smart devices easily. You can use it to make a call, play music, ask questions, send or receive messages, set alarm, read a book and the news.  The Amazon Echo Dot is available in black or white, though you can change its appearance with decorative cases as well (to give it a more personal touch). 


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