How to Make Money Blogging?
DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE OVER 32 ways to make money blogging?

Generally the bloggers who i have come across always talk about ad sense as an income stream and forget to apply other sources of income on to their blog. 

What we need to understand is there are other viable and more effective ways to make money blogging rather than just advertising.

So here we go.

Holistically there are only two ways to make money blogging:

Either you can sell your own products
You can promote someone’s product or service and get paid for it.

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Freelance Writing: Get Paid to Write

Nowadays it’s common for people to work from home, especially among the younger crowd. On an average about a million searches are conducted every month on Google for the keyword “work from home” or “work at home jobs” or other similar keyword.

Why is this trend rising?   

Working from home gives you control over your schedule, helps you make money from something you love, save time and money commuting, flexibility over your attire and the list just goes on and on.

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Have you ever thought to make money on Pinterest?

The internet is full of opportunities  to make money online. But then there are some opportunities we aren’t really cashing out on:


Social media has really evolved over the years making it very easy for users to start their own business and make earn online.

One of the best social media marketing platforms to make money would be Pinterest. Most people aren’t aware of the powers of this social media platform. For many Pinterest is just a virtual pin board

However it’s just not a place to share your favorite images, it’s much more than that. Most of you might not know, but many bloggers and entrepreneurs leverage their Pinterest profiles to earn a solid income.

Pinterest has more than 175 million active users and 85% of them are women. The best part is 87% of pinner’s have actually purchased a product because of Pinterest and 72% of the pinner’s use Pinterest to decide what to buy.

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The dream is to work from home and many people are actually living this dream!

According to a report from Flexjobs telecommuting workers have increased by 115% in the past decade in the US. There are about 3.9 million u.s employees who work from home, either full time or part time.

What really surprised me was, these telecommuters actually earn more than the non – telecommuting workforce. AMAZING RIGHT!!!

Wondering how is that possible? Well here are the reasons why you should actually consider working from.

All of this has only been possible because of the internet. Initially all these opportunities to work from home were considered as a scam. And to be honest many actually were, which lead to discouraging a lot of of people to choose this option.

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Who wouldn’t be fascinated by the idea of working from home or a remote location!

I am sure the thought of leaving your job and starting something that give you a little more freedom has come across your mind several times. However your fears and the myths related to working from home over power these notions and prevent you from pursuing your dreams.

And they should.

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting WAH career part- time or a full time it is going to be a very important decision. A lot of research and planning has to be done in order to decide whether this path is right for you or not.

With that said, I am not here to put you off or discourage you to work from home.  There are actually many benefits of remote working.

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