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I have compiled a list of 23 essential blogging tools to help you develop a successful blog and attract traffic.

essential blogging tools

When I started off blogging, I had no clue what I was doing, or the tools for this trade. Most of my time was spent on reading tutorials, lists, reviews and tips to build a successful blog.

However all this reading helped me  discover the most quintessential list of blogging tools required to establish a blog.  

Today I am going to share that ultimate list blogging tools with you to help you boost your blogging game. These resources are for all types of bloggers, but especially for people who are just starting out.

I am using 100% of these resources on a daily basis and can confidently claim that they have really made a positive impact on my overall blog performance. This is why I am sharing this list with you all, so you can learn my experience and enhance your own.

To make it even more simple, I have categorized the list, so here we go.

The ultimate list of blogging tools for any blog.

Desktop Blog Editor

If you have just started blogging or have been doing for a while; you would have realized that formatting your content is actually a pain in the a**. The formatting options are limited and inflexible. You don’t want your content to appear unformulated, dull and disoriented. 

So here are the best blogging tools to make your content look profession, readable and appealing for the readers:

Open Live Writer (For Windows )


blogging tools


This tool is like word for your blog. It has all the formatting tools and options available on word, helping you to create rich content for your readers. With open live editor all you have to do is create a blog post adds your desire pictures or videos and publishes it online directly from desktop.


Blogo (For Mac)



Bloggers who are using Mac shouldn’t be disheartened; Blogo is their solution for powerful and easy publishing. Blogo has been rated as the best apple app in 2016. It supports multiple platforms and provides various tools to create amazing content.

Blogging tools for Content Generation

A problem that every blogger faces some point in time is writers block. You really don’t know what to write about. Even if you aren’t facing a block you want to make sure you content is actually read and not just left in the achieves.

Here are the best blogging tools you can use to create hot content and headline ideas for your blog

Buzz Sumo


buzz sumo


Just enter a website or a keyword related your niche and Buzzsumo will find the most shared and engaged posts on the internet. There are various filters that you can use to broaden or narrow your search. This is a helpful tool, it is free for a few results, however if you want a detailed analysis then you would have to go pro.




It’s a Q & A platform where people come on Quora to ask about any subject in the world. You use this platform to share and gain knowledge. This tool is amazing for building up followers and also generating content ideas. You can search for keywords in Quora search box to find a list of questions people have asked. Now use this list to create a topic for your post and also be interactive on Quora to build a following. This following would be translated into your blog traffic later on.


Google Trends

google trends


Use it to look at the search trend for a keyword of your choice, or find the most trending topics in you niche.

Content generation just doesn’t stop here; you have an amazing idea and written an excellent piece of post. However no matter how good your content is it won’t be a hit unless you produce an even more amazing title for it.


EMV Tool



This is a free tool to analyze the emotional marketing value of your headline. You need to understand, in order for your content to be read, you want to create an emotional appeal for your post. This can only be done through the topic you choose. The higher the EMV score the better it would perform.


Coschedule Headline Analyzer


Along with the EMV tool I use the Coschedule headline analyzer to make sure my post topics are attractive and draw reader’s attention.

The tools helps to identify if you have used

  • Common words
  • Uncommon used
  • Power words
  • Emotional words
  • The correct length of the headline

Strive to achieve a high score and you will never have to worry about traffic.

Now that you have generated the best content and produced an amazing title, it’s time to do some proofreading.




This is my go to tool for proofreading my content. It doesn’t matter if English is your first language or not, you have to make sure your content is presented professionally.  I always want my content and blog to give very professional look. Not just apparently but from the content as well. So I take grammar and punctuation very seriously.

Stock Images

Always add royalty free images to your website and post. This is one of the most basic requirements for any blogger. Otherwise your content may fall under plagiarism and hurt your image and rating.

 These are the sites I use to get free or paid stock images for the content I generate.

Getty Images



It’s one of my favorite sites when it comes to multimedia products. You will find high quality still images, videos and music here at affordable prices.

Pexel & Pixabay
Most of the times I want to save money whenever possible. That’s when I opt to used these websites to get some amazing royalty free images. The images from these websites fall under creative common license, hence can be used for any purpose.

Site Statistics

Google Analytics
The best free tool available for a blog. This tool gives me a deep look over my blog traffic. They have application giving a live traffic report of your blog, so you can have a look on the go as well.

This application has taught me the best times should post my content, which platforms are effective for me and what’s not working.


Jetpack Plug-in




I also use the Jetpack plug-in. Though it’s not as detailed as Google analytics, however it provides important data as well. I would suggest using both the tools for your blog.


Keyword research & SEO tools

Remember keywords will play a very important part in the success of your blog & post. So once you start writing your content make sure to do your content research and incorporate that in the content.

Here are some blogging tools I use to research keywords in my niche for a higher ranking.

Google Keyword Planner

A free and easy to use tool for keyword research. It’s one of the easiest and most reliable sources to find keywords.



This tool is specifically designed to help you identify profitable keywords. This way you will be able to create high quality content for your audience.

You can use this tool to highlight the different keywords which are being used by your competitors or people in your niche for easier ranking.


Social Media Tools

Social media is one of my major sources of traffic. I try to be active on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon , Instagram and twitter. However managing all these mediums is not an easy task which is why I use these tools.




Tailwind is specially made for Pinterest. For me, like many other bloggers, Pinterest has been the number one source for traffic. However for this I have to pin at least 80-100 times a day.

I use a mix pinning strategy, where I pin at least 50 times manually and the rest are all scheduled.
I found about
manually pinning in a book by Carly Campbell which I will discuss later on. However manually pinning such high numbers is a lot of effort and needs some discipline.

This is why I used tailwind. It automates pinning for me, all I have to do is sit one a month and schedule the pins and let the application take care of the rest.

 The other reason I love this tool is because of its tribes. Tailwind tribes have really helped my   increase my blog traffic and if you haven’t joined it yet, then you are really missing out.





Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social media platforms at the same time. So with this tool you can schedule your posts, run contests, monitor your posts, find analytics etc. It has a free plan with limitations and other plans designed for every need.

The best part is they give out a 30 day free trial, so you could get a feel of it before you buy it.


Graphic Design




The only place you will ever need to edit and design your blog images. Canva is one of the easiest and resourceful free tools available over the internet.  You can also find beautiful still images for a price of $1 for your background.

Canva allows you to make images for all sorts of platforms, and if you go pro, you can easily convert any image in to your desired platform need by a single click.



Choose the correct webhosting service


If you are using Word press like me then Bluehost is the best web hosting option you have. It is recommended by word press itself they have a lot of services, and provide a free domain name as well. It’s affordable and effective, especially for beginners.




website hosting

If you are looking for a more advanced option then IPower is also a very reliable hosting service. There customer support is amazing and especially designed for small business.


E-Books and Courses

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing
If you have started blogging to make money online then you definitely need to take up on this course by Michelle Gardner. The course talks about how Michelle earns $50000 per month with affiliate marketing.







Pinteresting Strategies

pinteresting strategies
This book changed my life. Initially I had been struggling with driving traffic to my blog. I used to write good content, however not many people were actually reading or visiting my website.

This is when I purchased this book by Carly Campbell who guided me on how to use Pinterest effectively. Also she shared her strategies in this book. It’s really worth every penny.


Blog Promotion



sumo app

This is one stop solution to many of your blogging problems. It will help you get email subscribers, share your content, greet your readers and much more. This tool will help you grow your blog substantially.

So if you are looking to place share buttons, share bar, welcome mat, newsletter subscription on your blog then install this app on your blog.





I cannot emphasis the important of building an email list. If all your sources of traffic fail, remember you will have your subscribers who you can reach whenever you want. I use Mailchimp for my email marketing purposes.

The best thing for beginners is that mailchimp is free to use till 2000 subscribers


Now it’s your turn

So these are the most essential blogging tools I use to make my blog functional and successful. Do you have a list or would you like to suggest me and the readers something else please do not hesitate to share. I for one would love to learn about new blogging tools and implement them.

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