8 Ways to Increase Website Traffic


How to Increase your Website Traffic

New bloggers are always in search of different ways to increase website traffic.  It’s actually really easy to build a blog and fill it up with content; however the tough part is to build a successful blog with significant traffic.

I really do understand the struggle new bloggers have in the early days of blogging. They are putting in so much effort, however their content isn’t getting a lot of viewership and recognition.

The purpose of this post is to facilitate all sorts of bloggers- website owners, who are seeking to monetize their blog and grow their traffic. I will be sharing strategies which are practical, easy to implement and that will definitely give you results.

So here it goes:

#1 Quantity Matters

The first and most important advice that I can give you is to focus on the quantity of your content, then the quality. Yes I might be critiqued on this, but hear me out.

what you should be focused on is quantity with quality. Your aim, even if you are a new blogger should be to post at least 3-4 times a week.  The more you write and post on the internet, the more traffic you will receive. According to quicksprout, 20 of the top 100 blogs published 3 posts everyday; hence 21 posts every week. This resulted in traffic of more than a MILLION visits every month.

Just understand this small and easy concept. The more you post, the more chances there are for search engines to find and rank you. Hence more chances of your content getting shared by your readers.

Yes posting 3-4 times a week may seem daunting for many people, but this is where planning comes into play. The best advice I can give you is have a head start on your posting schedule. You should have a good amount of material prepared before you launch your blog. This will help you in posting regularly and keeping your readers engaged from the beginning of your launch while also maintaining your own busy work/life schedule.

#2 Write Quality Posts

OK so with quantity another essential element to drive traffic is valuable content. I cannot emphasis how important this one factor is.  Remember, you aren’t writing to just fill up your blog pages; you are writing to influence your reader!

Audience Centered Approach:

Your writing approach should be audience specific.  Always have your readers in your mind while choosing a topic to write about, know what they want to read, the problems they are encountering and how you can solve them. Try to add value for your readers and be helpful with your writing. Make an article about how to have a customer specific approach

– The first approach to writing something for the audience is to have a quick look at Google Trends and see what is hot. Search up topics relevant to your niche to identify a trend (can be increasing or decreasing), and short-list topics that attract you.

– The other way is to join different Facebook groups related to your niche and read what people are normally having problems with. Do a little research and spend some time on these groups and you will be able to identify a trend and this is what you need to write about.

– Post should be specific, practical and implementable.

The key to success and attracting herd of readers is to produce posts which actually work. Again have your readers in your mind, address their issues and give them solutions. When you actually help someone solve a problem that’s when you have a loyal reader/follower.


#3 Write Post that Boost Your Traffic

Successful blogging is all about using the right strategy to attract readers and promote your website. Here a few posts that you should write to increase website traffic.

Interview Probloggers in your Niche

Probloggers are already really known in the niche they are dealing in. Everyone likes to read their posts and things related to them. Then why not give your readers this opportunity of a one on one interview on your own blog. This will drive insane amount of traffic to your website.

– Contact the Problogger’s who has a large following.

– Find an interesting post idea which is mutually beneficial for both of your audiences and come up with a list of interview questions to ask.

– Try to designs questions that aren’t really straight forward, but more interactive sort. This would be fun for all the parties involved (Interviewer, interviewee and the readers)

– Try to limit your interview questions to 10; respecting the Problogger’s time and busy schedule.

– You would have to contact a few Problogger’s to get a yes.

– Always send the completed and edited post to them for review before you publish it on your blog.


Top List Posts

Top lists posts are always considered to be a hit. They are short, precise, effective and easy to read. No matter what your niche is, a top list post is really powerful to increase website traffic.

Here is an example on how to use the top list post. While you are researching on different topics for your blog, during that period I am hoping you would be going through tons of different articles. During this process, note down all the posts that you found to be extremely helpful.

So for every topic your researched make a list of the top posts talking about that topic and give a solid reasoning for your choice. Upon publishing the post, share it with the featured bloggers and compliment them on how they added value to your life.

It’s a win-win for you and the bloggers as well. the bloggers are getting a free promotion out of it, and for you, hopefully the bloggers would share your post on their blog and you will get tons of traffic. 

Featured Post

The idea is somewhat the same but rather than mentioning your favorite writer or product/service in a list you would be dedicating an entire article for them.

The concept you need to understand is, in order to increase website traffic you need to grab it from a place or person who is already getting a lot of it. So whatever your niche is, there would be bloggers who you really admire and role model.

Well trust me you won’t be the only one. Write an article about this person and how you admire them. How they have positively influenced your life and helped you out.

Once you have published this post, send it your role model via email or social media, thanking them for their critical role in your life. The blogger would most likely share it with their readers as well and this would drive traffic back to you.

This can be done for products as well. Supposedly you really like some product. Give a review to it, and tell your readers everything about it. Share this post with your readers and the product owner’s as well. Yes it’s not necessary the company will share your post, but who doesn’t like a free advertisement. So don’t lose out to this opportunity. If they share it you will get a lot of traffic your way.


#4 Social Media is your biggest resource

Here I will be specifically talking about only these two social media platforms. These mediums are an excellent way to increase website traffic, but you really need to know how to do so.

 When I was new to blogging, I read several articles, and everyone was discussing about various ways Pinterest and Facebook are an attractive way to grab some traffic. I really didn’t want to spend any money on Facebook ads, and could never really get a hang of Pinterest to be honest.

However with time and more research things began to become more clear.

So coming to the point- here is how you actually use Facebook and Pinterest to increase your traffic:


1- Make a Pinterest Business account

2- Make 8-10 pillar posts

3- Create multiple boards (at least 6), one board for your pins and rest for others.

4- Join multiple group boards

5- Join Tailwind ( an automated service to help you pin regularly).

6- Then just pin your post in all of the boards you created and pin other posts in rest of the boards you created (other than the one just for your pins).

7- Pin consistently for success.

Subscribe now to get a list of popular Pinterest boards to join and grow your traffic now!


100+ Pinterest Group Board for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs to get TRAFFIC!

Pinterest can be a key source of traffic for your website if it us utilized to  its fullest. Pinterest can be confusing if  you don’t know what to do, When i started off my blog i was pinning like a headless chicken, didn’t have any strategy.

Then I read a book named Pinterest Strategies on manual pinning by Carly Campbell. Normally you will find writers suggesting you to join tailwind to automate your pinning in order to increase traffic, but Carly suggested a manual pinning method, its definitely a good read if you want to grow your blog traffic substantially.


Facebook is another effective social medium to increase website traffic. One of the ways is to use Facebook targeted ads and attract readers to your Facebook page who will eventually( hopefully) go to your website. This will cost you, and being a new blogger the last thing you need are expenses.

So what is the other best way to drive traffic, get some likes or promote your posts?

Facebook groups!

Many of the leading bloggers have their own Facebook community with thousands, even millions of followers.

These groups conduct various activities on a regular basis:

– Collaboration thread

– Promotion thread

– Social media thread

– Comment thread

And many more

Before you join any of the groups, you need to have a good amount of posts on your blog so viewers can actually read something.

Subscribe now to get a list of popular Facebook to join and grow your traffic now!


110+ Facebook Group's for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs to get TRAFFIC!

Every group has certain rules that you need to follow in order to be added into the group and remain there. These can be easily found in the about me section of the group.

#5 Strategic Commenting

Another crucial strategy to increase website traffic is commenting. You can comment on a blog post, a Facebook group post or even a pin you like.

The important thing to remember is to be sincere when you comment, try add value for the person posting and other readers as well.

There are different ways to attract traffic through comments:

For Blogs:

– Find a blog related to your niche

– Find a post you think will get a lot of shares

– Comment on the post and add value for the readers who are and will be reading the comment.

If the readers like your comment they would like to hear more of what you have to offer so they will come back to your blog through your gravatar. (don’t be rude by leaving a link your blog)

For Facebook

– Join multiple Facebook groups/ communities related to your niche.
(Subscribe now to get over 100+ Facebook groups to join now).

– Be an active participant

– Like, share and comment on different members posts

– Hear their concerns and try to answer their queries

– The key is to be active on the social media


#6 Participate in the Blogging Community

Here are some effective ways to participate in the blogging community:

– Leave a comment

The best thing you can do to be part of the blogmosphere is to be active in the comment section on others post. This way you would be complimenting the bloggers and also promoting yourself as a blogger as well. So leave a nice thoughtful and helpful comment.

– Be helpful & Friendly

– Well when you are choosing to be a blogger, get one thing clear, you can’t be selfish or rude in this line of work. You are in it to help others and help yourself doing that.

– Always try and be helpful to others, even if it means you have to go out of your way.

– Always be kind, polite and down to earth with your readers. It takes a lot of effort to build a name, especially a good one, and every good review is helping you get there.

– Remember in the blogging industry it’s not always numbers that bring success. Be a genuine person to your readers or whoever you interact with. That one good connection could be worth more than you realize. Maybe they like your blog and back link it, which would bring in more traffic and help your SEO ranking as well.

Be supportive

– Share other blogs posts, this will really build your rapport as a helpful and kind blogger in the community and attract a lot of followers (especially new bloggers). This will build up your reputation in the blogging community as someone helpful and will get you followers.

The key is to share other bloggers posts; you could do that either through twitter, Pinterest or Facebook. Mention them and their article on your desired social media platform, appreciate them for their work.

Hopefully they will re-tweet/re-share it and it will show up on their feed putting your name  in front of all their followers and voila!! Here comes the traffic towards your blog.


#7 SEO Friendly Content (Long-Tail Keywords)

When you have a problem, where is the first place you actually look for a solution? A SEARCH ENGINE! Search engines are a great way to get traffic to your website, but not many bloggers actually use it to full potential.

Think of it this way, according to internetlivestats, google processes 3.5 BILLION searches per day worldwide, do you really want to miss out on this traffic opportunity?

You should definitely take advantage of this massive, MASSIVE opportunity.

Remember the only way to build organic traffic is to apply search engine optimization properly through out your website. As a beginner I rarely paid heed to SEO, however with experience i learnt its importance, so PLEASE don’t take it lightly.

Follow websites like to set on the right path:





#8 Conduct Keyword Research Effectively

For all those people who are already using SEO to their advantage would already know the importance of keywords. The idea is simple, all you need to do is target terms and phrases that are actually being used by your audience and incorporate them in your blog post headline, body and subtitles.

Here a few ways to make your post prominent on Google’s Top 10 to target the correct keywords:

Google auto-suggest

The first thing you need to do is go to Google and search for the keyword you want to target. Chances are the keyword you are looking for is already being using in millions of other webpages eager to get a better ranking as well.

So this steps helps to quantify the competition.

Now while you are typing your keyword, Google would be auto-suggesting some other long-tail keywords as well thus once you click on any of them you would realize, these keywords are more specific and have less competition.

Now copy these keywords to Google Keyword Planner.

Google keyword planner

You can search for keyword using the Google Ad-word’s Keyword planner. Search for the term you are looking for and the planner would suggest you phrases in different variety:

– Exact Match – Ad-word’s would show only the quantity of search for the precise phrase.

– Broad Match – Ad-word’s would show you search phrases that are similar or related to your search

– Phrase Match – Give a wide range result, but the results are in between Exact match and Broad Match.

Now that you have found a term, copy that in Google again, but with quotes around the phrase. If the phrase as low or NO competition at all that’s the keyword you are looking to target. This will give help you get a high SERP ranking.

Incorporate Long-tail keywords

Long –tail keywords have always been a major source of traffic driver for websites and you should use them more often:

1- They help in revealing the searcher’s intent. If a person search is “how to make money online”; you know what they are looking for.

2- They help you to structure your content so it can be of maximum utilization for the searcher.

3- Long-tail keywords helps to identify the specific needs of the searcher and pin point them.


Final Words

The last and most important suggestion I can give you is to be CONSISTENT. Yes everyone in the blogging world suggests this , and they all are right. Consistency is the key to success. I have given you precise and effective strategies to increase website traffic, however its up to you on how much effort you are willing to put. Success doesn’t come overnight it takes time , so be patient and consistent.


For more ways to build your website traffic read:

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  • July 6, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    These are some great tips!! Facebook groups have been the game-changer for me, but I know I need to work more on SEO/keyword research. I haven’t gotten into long-tail keywords, or the keyword planner yet, though I know they’re pretty basic skills and I need to soon. BUT, I recently learned that Google likes when people spend a long time on your blog, so it’s always good to add videos because in addition to reading your post, they may also stay to watch the videos! Thank you for the great post, I’ll definitely be saving this to my Blog Resources board on Pinterest so I can come back to it all the time 🙂


    • July 7, 2017 at 11:26 am

      Thanks for the tip Nicole, I will try to incorporate more videos in my posts.

  • July 6, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    I think actively participating in your niche and in social media in general goes a long way. You get to build relationships and networks along the way which in turn help your blog (and you gain friends too!)

    • July 7, 2017 at 11:24 am

      Thats true, networking is really important to build trust, which eventually leads to loyalty.

  • July 6, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    I definitely would give myself an F when it comes to quanity and keyword research. These are all great tips. Thanks for sharing

    • July 7, 2017 at 9:55 am

      Thanks, always love to help fellow bloggers 🙂

  • July 6, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    Great blog! I am always looking for ways to get traffic. I interesting you say the more you blog, the more traffic you build! If you would like to guest blog on my blog. we would love to have you.

    Marie over at Ladies Make Money Online

    • July 7, 2017 at 9:54 am

      Hey Marie, thank you for your kind words. From my experience the quality and quantity both go hand in had, so in roder to generate more traffic focus on posting high quality posts regularly.

      I would love to guest blog on your blog, I will email you some post ideas and we can work from there 🙂

  • July 6, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    Thank you for all these great tips, I have to do more work on my email list and my keyword search!

    • July 7, 2017 at 9:48 am

      Thank you for your appreciation, hope my tips would be helpful for you.

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