Make Money Blogging: 32 Ways to Monetize your Website

make money blogging


 How to Make Money Blogging?

DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE OVER 32 ways to make money blogging?

Generally the bloggers who i have come across always talk about ad sense as an income stream and forget to apply other sources of income on to their blog. 

What we need to understand is there are other viable and more effective ways to make money blogging rather than just advertising.

So here we go.

Holistically there are only two ways to make money blogging:

  • Either you can sell your own products
  • You can promote someone’s product or service and get paid for it.

First things First

Here are some prerequisites for earning through a blog

  • A Blog

Well though this is the most of obvious thing however most the aspiring bloggers come with very little technical background. But that doesn’t matter even if you aren’t a techie, here is my take on how to start a blog (FOR BEGINNERS).

Follow the steps mentioned in the post to start up your own blog.

  • Valuable (ATTRACTIVE) content

If you want to create money blogging, you need to high quality content to lure in readers. Content that is up to date, well researched, trendy and attractive.  This will help to increase the number of eyes on your blog, hence helping you to convert those views in to money.  The key to that is to write useful content. Content that adds value to the reader’s life and makes them feel you have changed their lives.

Don’t just write for the sake of writing and filling up your blog.  Focus on building nice, valuable & attractive content. This will help in creating readers who will trust each and every word your write and suggestion you make.

To be honest whatever I have just said is all words.

We all try to create content that will drive traffic, why else make the effort.

However I don’t know about you but I was making this mistake in my early days of blogging. But then I came across a post by Neil Patel who suggested simple and effective ways for coming up with content/ topic / post ideas which would be relevant the readers and help you drive insane amount of traffic to your blog.

Do check this link out, you will thank me later

7 proven strategies to increase your blogs traffic by 206%

  • Build traffic

As important is the creation of valuable content, the core element for monetizing your blog depends entirely on your websites traffic. Don’t trap yourself on just focusing on good content and believing readers will just come themselves.

You need to make an effort to attract readers yourself thus start promoting your content/ blog from day one.

Here are a few posts I have written which will help you increase your websites traffic:

8 ways to increase website traffic

6 Best Pinterest Strategies to increase traffic

The best practice for building your website traffic is to diversify your traffic sources. Don’t just bank on one medium!

In my case Pinterest helped my increase my website traffic exponentially and this was all possible after I read a book by Carly Camplebll called Pinteresting Strategies

The book is an excellent way to familiarize you with Pinterest and how to use it effectively. Carly in this book has shared the techniques that have helped her increase her page views from 17k to 400k in almost 10 months.

Here is everything you need to know about Pinteresting Strategies.

  • Relationships

So once you have unlocked the key to attract readers, the next important thing is to build a solid relationship with them. This is only possible by building a rapport with them by:

  • Getting to know them
  • Interact regularly
  • Being helpful
  • Offering them free expertise

By building relationships with your readers you are creating a fan following. Your readers would listen to all your suggestions, reviews and hang on to every word you say. All this would eventually translate into money for your blog.

  • Monetize organically

This means your blog should focus on products and services that are related to the niche you chose. For instance, if your blog is about baby’s, the products you should be selling should be like, diapers or rash creams or things related to that.

  • Persistence.

This will be the most important element in your blogging success. You need to be consistent with your posts, updates and content.

Most bloggers fail to earn any sort of income through blogging because they don’t have the patience to see results or they procrastinate a lot.

Successful bloggers are also human beings who dedicate their time to learn the various strategies to make money online and implement them for results.


32 different ways to make money BLOGGING

ad network

Ad Network

An ad network connects the advertisers to bloggers and other website owners who want to host advertisements in exchange of commission.

How does it work?

Once you sign-up to an ad network they give you a code which you use to place an ad space on your blog. This space is filled up by the advertisers of the ad network company. The ads are relevant to the niche that you are targeting or the keywords being used. The blogger would get commission for all the clicks, purchases or sign-ups made due to the advertisement.

Below are some important definitions related to ad networks:


Amount you would receive every time a reader clicks on an ad displayed on your blog.


This is getting paid for an action committed by the reader on an ad displayed.


The amount you will earn for every thousand impressions an ad would receive on your blog.

Here is a list of ad networks for Pro and New Bloggers

  • Revenue share: 68% for display ads and 51% for search ads
  • Payment method: Check, bank transfer, EFT, Rapida, Western Union, once you earn $100 or more.
  • What they pay you for: CPC and CPM
  • Traffic minimum: None
  • Payment terms: NET 30
  • Revenue Share : 70%
  • Payment method: PayPal or wire transfer.
  •  What they pay you for: CPC, CPM,
  • Traffic minimum: None
  • Payment minimum: $10
  • Payment terms: NET 30
  •    Revenue Share: unspecified
  •  Payment method: PayPal/ eCheck, Payoneer, Bank transfer
  •  What they pay you for: CPC
  •  Traffic minimum: None
  • Payout minimum: $50
  • Revenue share: up to 60%
  • Payment method: PayPal, Check, Payoneer, Wire transfer       
  • What they pay you for: CPC, CPM, CPA        
  • Traffic minimum: None        
  • Payment minimum: $50      
  • Payment terms ; Net 15
  •  Revenue share: 80%
  • Payment method: Payoneer, bank wire, prepaid MasterCard        
  • What they pay you for: CPC, CPA, CPM        
  • Traffic minimum: None        
  • Payment minimum: $100 via Payoneer and $500 via wire transfer
  • Payment terms: NET 30
  • Revenue share: Variable
  • Payment method: PayPal, wire transfer, Payoneer
  • What they pay you for: CPC,
  • Traffic minimum: None
  • Payment minimum: $50
  • Payment terms: Net 30
  • Revenue share: Variable
  • Payment method: Paypal
  • What they pay you for: CPC
  • Traffic Minimum: None
  • Payment minimum: $10
  • Payment terms: Net 30


Private ads

This is another form of advertising, but here you (the blogger) are handling everything as there isn’t any middleman in this scenario. You would be responsible for managing and displaying ads, contacting companies for ads and negotiating rates with them.

The initial contact can be done by either parties involved, but in the case of a new blogger you would have to go out in the marketplace. Create an attractive win-win pitch to lure in the company. If you aren’t really sure about what to charge for the ads; then look at other blogs in your niche, most bloggers have shared this information on their advertising page.

The most important lesson I can give a newbie is if they are opting to have an ad space, never leave it out empty or marked as ‘Ad Space’. Fill it out with your affiliates ads, this ads more value to you ad space, giving you more leverage.




Sponsored Posts/ Reviews

This is collaboration with the company, where the blogger writes a post about their product or service in return of commission. This lucrative source of online income is paid reviews, as a blogger, you can make hundreds of dollars by reviewing the products or services.

There are three benefits of this form of advertising.

  1. A free product to use & keep
  2. Get paid to use a free product
  3. You can build more traffic and followers by asking for giveaway from companies

I am sharing a list of websites that help bloggers (pro and new) connect with advertisers looking for reviews.

However finding something as a newbie can be challenging, which is why you need to build your rapport in the blogging market first.

Here are 10 websites that will help you be a better content writer and product reviewer, and the best thing is you will get paid for all your hard work.



Podcast Advertising

The traditional mediums of ads have gone extinct. The entire concept of marketing is evolving, and studies have found that most of the people don’t pay a lot of attention to the traditional ads.

What we need to understand is, as a marketer we do develop a lot of marketing opportunities for our sponsors but are they really effective. 99.8% of people do NOT engage in banner ads on websites, 37% people ignore TV commercials and the rise in ad-blockers is also creating an issue for advertisers

Then what to do? This is where pod-casting advertising comes into play.

How does a podcast work? Well imagine you are going to work listening to a podcast to kill the time, or you are our running to shed of those extra pounds (or you are simply doing your household chores and ad pop up in between.

What you do? Well you would be so engaged in your activities that it would hold you from fast forwarding the Ad.

Podcast ads are considered more enjoyable and meaningful than standard ads as most of the ads are read by the hosts, so it delivers a more sincere and powerful endorsement.

Here are two podcast networks you can join and start your very own podcast advertising:




Social Media Sponsored Posts

There was a time when social networks were considered an easy and budget friendly method to increase product reach and engagement. However as these networks have grown in the giants we know now, the cost for social marketing is much more than the results at the end of the day.

This has given birth to the concept of social media influencers.

A great way to make money blogging is through leveraging your followership on different social media platforms. While building your blog you have worked hard on various social media platforms to promote your content, blog and build relationships. Translate all that hard work in to money by becoming a social media influencer.

As a social media influencer you would be teaming up with different brands in to order to promote their products and services in exchange for money.

You could do this by:

  • Creating a review
  • Mentioning in a post
  • Covering an a live event
  • Sharing pictures

Influencer marketing on Instagram alone is a $1 Billion industry which would grow to $2 Billion by 2019 according to mediakix

In another post by adweek, the average price per sponsored post on Instagram is $300, while others earn according to the number of followers they have. For influencers who have more than 1000 followers they earn about $100 per post, where as influencers with more than 100000 followers can easily earn up to $800 per post.

Think how lucrative is this market.

You still don’t want to work on building an online community?

Start from day one, remember, it’s not just about blogging, it’s a combination of tools and platform which would help you to earn online.

If you are wondering how you will get sponsorships then here is a list of websites which will help you find them:


Create an online directory

You can make money on your website by creating an online business directory.

The name is self explanatory, you basically create an online business listing, providing all the relevant information related to the business in your chosen niche.

Business these days, whether they run a brick and mortar or a virtual business are always looking for better and more effective ways to reach their desired target market. One of the ways they opt for is business listing.

Some of the famous listing examples are yelp, AVVO (for lawyers), whitepages, yellow pages.

However you can also get a piece of this action as well by running your own online business directory, it’s a simple and cost effective method to make money online

The only deal is you have to get your page on Google’s page 1, which is difficult but if you play your cards right is easily possible.

Now you must be thinking how will you start and gather all this information.

Well there are two ways of doing this:

Use directory software 

A tool which is used for building and maintaining an online directory. These software’s provide features like detailed contact listing, member listing, map views, events, articles and photo galleries.

Here is a list of directory software’s that you can use:


Gathering information manually

This is a more old fashioned way, you call up various businesses and ask them if they would be interested to be listed on your directory, tell them how this would be beneficial for their business and exposure. You can charge them for a simple addition in the directory or their placement within the directory.

How do you make money through directories?

There are again several ways you can make money through directories.

  • Charge monthly listing fee
  • Offer top pages spaces for more exposure
  • Run advertisements
  • Sponsored posts
  • Webs traffic

For inspiration do visit the following sites:

Visit2australlia – a travel and accommodation website for cities of Melbourne Australia by Pradeep. He charges $90 – $500 per listing

Buywithoutabank – A stunning website by Neil for the niche of home loans, he charges about $40 to $120 per month for getting listed.



Job Board Listing

The idea is similar to a business listing, but rather than listing businesses and their contact information, a job board posts jobs that a are supplied by employers.

The employers pay a fee to the blogs for listing their jobs on their website.

Here is a list of free job board software’s that pay you money for listing their jobs:

Ways to monetize a job board:

  • Job posting
  • Resume access
  • Featured employer profiles
  • Job back fill


Event Board

The idea is similar to creating a job board, but rather than posting different work opportunities, you will be creating an event calendar where you can charge others to advertise their events.

Again a great way to monetize your blog traffic.



Newsletter Advertising

Leverage your email/ subscribers list; it is one of the biggest assets for your blog. According to digital marketers the most effective way to reach a customer is through emails.

So while you are building your email list to drive more readers to your website and building a loyal community, you can use it to make money as well.

Make money through newsletter using:

  1. Affiliate Marketing – sending out an email telling about a product with its referral link, and if subscribers make a purchase you will get commission out of it.
  2. Sell ad space within newsletter – if your following is large enough, you can sell a dedicated space in your newsletter for a great value.
  3. Featured post – you can specifically talk about a product and promote it in a newsletter, this is a concept of sponsored post but through a news letter. Encouraging your subscribers to buy the product. these leads will generate income for you.



Affiliate Networks

What is an affiliate network?

Here is a simple way to explain what an affiliate network is and how they work:

  1. An affiliate network acts as a middle man between the advertisers and publishers. They simply provide a platform where advertisers can find publishers to promote their products.
  2. An agreement is set between the advertisers and affiliate network, determining the commission rate in result of sale of a product.
  3. The network then lists that campaign on their website.
  4. Upon joining an affiliate network the you (publisher) can view various ‘campaigns’, ‘offers’ that are available and select the ones related to your niche to promote.
  5. Once the publisher is allowed to promote the campaign, a list of ‘buttons’,’banners’, ‘text links’, etc are available for the product. You (the publisher) copy the code (containing a Unique ID) you like and use it to promote the product.




Though you can easily find affiliate programs for big names through ad networks, some companies prefer to run their own private affiliate program.

Do your research, find out products or services related to your niche and apply for their affiliate programs (if there are any).



Amazon Affiliate Program

Start making money by referring leads to Amazon. The idea is pretty much simple, if a customer buys a product through your referral link you will be paid commission on that sale.

For many years many bloggers have used this mode to generate tons of money, especially in the technology and gadget niche. However in 2017 Amazon changed their commission plan, increase commission for home products.

Here is their current commission plan, to help you choose your niche wisely.

Check out 50 Amazon Affiliate website examples making money in niche. These examples will help you set a path for your blog and inspire you.




Freelancing is a popular way to make money blogging. As a blogger you have developed certain skills along the way. Cash out on those skills by offering freelance services.

There is literally no investment or setup cost, some common freelance services which might be attractive could be:

  • Content writing
  • Website development
  • SEO Consultation
  • Logo design
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Transcribing
  • Proofreading



Consulting is another way to make money blogging.  As a consultant you can share your technical and professional advice with your clients in order to help them achieve their goals.

Consulting is all about solving a problem and not learning a new technique. Let’s say you discovered a way to make money, and working out for you, consulting is not sharing that technique, but actually implementing it for your client and helping them make money.

You can literally consult about anything, here are some broad ideas:

  • Blogging,
  • Investing
  • Graphic designing
  • Starting a business
  • Generating website traffic
  • SEO implementation
  • Social media marketing
  • Diet & nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Debt management
  • Legal advices ( IF you have the appropriate knowledge and experience)
  • Health ( again if you have the expertise)

Literally sky is the limit to when it comes to consultation.



You can also provide coaching services. This is different from consultation; where as a consultant you provide answers for a problem, as a coach you are giving your professional advice’s and expertise to your client in order in order to help them achieve a goal/task.

The coach helps the client answer questions, where as a consultant you provide the solutions.

Again you can target any niche you think relevant to your expertise.



One of the trends that I have found online is that people are always looking for professional opinion for their blog.

You can offer different auditing services:

  • Website audit
  • SEO Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Site speed audit
  • Site position audit
  • Social media audit
  • Technical website audit


Sell eBooks

This is one of the most common methods of making money through a blog.  If you have been writing on your blog for a while you can collect your posts and turn them into chapters.

You can write a book in almost every niche, and if you promote your book at the right place you can actually make tons of money from it.

Also you can start your own affiliate program for the book, so more marketing opportunity.


Create Online courses

Creating and selling an online course is also a great idea to make money blogging. These courses sell off at a better price as compared to eBooks.

You would think you are not ready to start your own online course, but trust me, if you have established a good running blog and driving traffic towards it, you have reached this point by learning some set of skills.

Share this knowledge in a course form, create lessons and other supporting material and start making money. offers great services for people who want to start an online course.


Sell Printables

Printables’ are a very brief form of content, from one to 20 pages that consist of more graphics and eye catching images. They can take different forms, there are crafts that can be bought, downloaded and printed immediately.

The whole idea behind printables is that though they are shorter than an eBook but they deliver important information for the users.

This is an excellent way to earn passive income online through your blog.

You can make pintables’ for anything, here are some examples:

  • Checklists
  • Budgeting
  • Workbooks
  • Coloring books


Offer Coupons

People are always looking for a good deal, they search the internet rigorously finding discounts and coupons. If you can offer this to them, this will help you drive crazy amount of traffic and also earn some percentage as well.

Here are some websites to start a coupon section in your blog:

You can also negotiate your own deals with companies, creating special offers just for your subscribers.


Promoting Offline Businesses

You can make money blogging by promoting businesses that don’t exist on the internet. These are pure brick and mortar stores; however they still need new leads and customers.

You can review their products, talk about your experience with them or place an ad.

Back in 2005 Alex Tew came up with an extremely clever idea of selling his homepage pixels for a DOLLAR and developed a website called Milliondollarhomepage.


The idea is to approach offline business and ask them if they would want to promote their business online.


Guest Posting

Bloggers in every niche are always looking for ways to promote their blog and drive more traffic to their website. One really effective way to build your name in the blogging market is through guest posting on a reputable website.

So if you have enough traffic and followers for your website, again you can charge money for guest’s posts.

Here is a great example of this idea being implemented by ladiesmakemoney which you really need to see.

They charge $75 for a 1000-200 words article, along with other perks.

Definitely a great idea!


Start an online store with WooCommerce

Do you have an idea of a product?  Then why not sell your own product on your blog?

Its fairly easy to setup your own online store on WordPress with WooCommerce plugin ( which is completely free).

It is not as easy as selling affiliate products or dropshipping. You are responsible for everything, from billing, shipping to returns.

Though the thought might be intimidating, but the experience itself would be extremely rewarding.

Wpbegginer has shared an amazing tutorial on starting your own online store with woocommere for you to get started.


Offer Writing Gigs

You can easily get paid for writing; here are 10 websites that will pay you $100 per article.


Start a Dropshipping Store

To learn how to start and make money from dropshipping here are two posts:

How to find a supplier for dropshipping

What are the common problems with dropshipping?


Sell Images

Bloggers are always looking for royalty free images, as this can help them drive more traffic to their website. Why not take pictures and sell them off. the best part is you can post those images on your blog to sell or post them on websites like pexels, pixabay to make money.


Create & sell Plugins

If you know programming, then you can create and sell useful plug-in’s through your blog.


Setup “Infolinks

An alternative to Adsense advertisements is to use infolinks. They are easy to setup, however their conversion rate and payouts are low.


Make money blogging by Hosting a Webinar

This is again a great way to monetize your email list which you have worked hard to build.

A webinar is an online presentation where you talk about a certain topic for a specific amount of time and at it mostly consists of a question n& answer session at the end.

You can make money by:

  • charging a registration fee for the participants ,
  • giving out a free webinar and making a product sales pitch


Create a Members only Content

If you are creating content that is not easily available over the net therefore why not limit the access to this to your members only. People are willing to spend money for premium content, leverage your research and writing skills.

You would be offering two types of content to your members:

  • Free top quality content – which would be available for everyone, this will help in luring in readers and traffic
  • Restricted content – this will be content for your members only. You can either one-time access or recurring program.


Accept Donations

Though this is not a great way to get wealthy, however if you have an engaged community, who loves the content you are sharing you can ask for donations. The donations are meant to keep your operations running.  makes a lot of money from donations.


Flipping your website

It’s pretty much a simple and straight idea; you develop a website, make it functional, improve its ranking, email list and sell it off.

Here are sites where you can sell your website:

Final words

So here are some amazing ways to make money blogging. By now you would have figured out that in order to earn from blogging you need to learn certain skills and build a community, so start working on that from day one.

However I would suggest never banking on only one option, you should diversify your risk and try to implement as many different income streams into your blog to have a steady source of income.

The key to make money on a blog is traffic. So your primary focus should be building a good online traffic for your blog, hence increasing your chances of monetizing your blog.

Your turn!

Have I missed out on anything?  I am always in search of different and unique ways to earn online, so if you have a money generating idea please share it in the comment box below J



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