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Make Money Online

We all would love to make money online; however there are a few hurdles that come our way. Most of all is experience. As your browse through the numerous online job listings, you would realize most of them require prior experience before hiring for a position.

Fortunately there are some jobs that don’t need any sort of experience, and a number of websites globally offering them. This is the focus of my post today, to highlight all the jobs that require no qualification and no prior experience; which you can do easily by sitting in the comfort of your home, and earn some extra income.

#1 – Make Money Online: Writing

Due to blogging and freelancing, writing has become a big opportunity to make money online. For many people writing is satisfying and very informative as well (Due to the amount of research required), also a good source of bread earner.

Here are some links to start your online writing career even if you are a beginner.

1- Article Document provides a range of topics for those interested in writing articles on different topics. The signup process is pretty straight forward and involves the setting up of an account that you will use to access the assignments available on the site. The site pays according to the quality of content.

2- Blogmutt is also a writing service offering original and high quality blog. you only to be fluent in English and good at gathering information and putting it in readable form. They pay you every Monday and your payout increases with experience.

3- Hirewriters is a marketplace for content writers where writers offer their writing skills to online users seeking articles. Payout is weekly and you can earn $20/article, that’s the maximum they pay for top quality content.

4- ClearVoice Payouts are immediate after acceptance by the client.  The part is you can use their filter system to highlight tasks you desire based on pay rate per word, byline, and more.

5- Domainite Pays weekly, $1.00 per 100 words written.

6- Great Content Pay rate assignment dependent, ranging between $7.50 and $37.50 for a 500 words assignment.

7- Online Writing Jobs They generally pay between $5 and $15 per article, however the pay rate is dependent on the writers expertise on the topic, the level of article written, length and lastly the deadline.

 8- Passive Solutions The best thing about this website is the consistent availability of work and they actually want their writers to commit to at least 10 assignments per week. AWESOME RIGHT!! They pay weekly and the payout again depends on the task at hand and the quality being delivered.

9-Textbroker They screen on writers at the very early stage by asking them to submit a sample. Once the writers are rated they are provided with assignments according the rating. High- quality assignments naturally pay more money however you can work your way up to that point as well.

10- Writer Access Pay rates are depend on words, and ranges from 1.4 cents to 7 cents per word. The payout is bi-weekly.

Also here are 10 Legitimate websites that pay $100 for freelance writing

#2 – Make Money online: Phone Jobs

1- Liveops  they offer online call center jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. there are various opportunities for agents ranging from inbound sales calls to outbound sales calls and customer services. Your earning is dependent upon your performance, the volume of service your provide and the type of program you are working on. However some clients pay a fixed rate of 25 cents per minute, others pay an additional bonus commission and some only pay commission for your services.

2- Nexrep provides great work at home opportunities allowing great flexibility, growth and autonomy for its agents. There are various job phone job opportunities from customer care to outbound sales. All you need to do to join them is meet their general equipment requirements and other skills that do not include experience.

#3 – Make Money Online: Micro Tasks

Micro tasks are small jobs which can be finished within a few hours or days. These are all contractual jobs, once your job finishes your contract ends, and its upto you to apply for more such jobs.

You do not need any expertise for this kind of work as it based on the guidelines provided by the employer and which are not definitely hard to follow. Ideally these jobs are perfect of people who just want to work part-time freelancing, i.e, students or home makers.

Here is list of websites where you can easily get a micro job


2- Amazon Mechanical Turk





7- Envato



These are some of the famous websites where you can find micro jobs. These jobs are related to writing articles, coding, editing, transcription, design and so many other things.

The important thing to remember is the tasks they offer are only good if you have spare time. If you want to take this as a full-time job then you have to really put your effort in order to make yourself present on the internet.

 You can easily make tons of money doing these micro tasks, all you need to do is make an effort.


#4 – Make Money Online: Sort Phone Calls

Humanatic is a subsidiary of Century interactive, a call tracking company that focus on reviewing calls. Humanatic hires agents to work from home, listen to phone calls and categorize them and convert it into meaningful information for companies to use.

The company doesn’t pay much, it’s only a few cents for each call your review, however like most of the online jobs the major determinant for a better online income is speed and accuracy at work. Payment is through PayPal, which is done weekly and minimum check out is $10.

#5 – Make Money Online: Typing

1- Quicktate They provide work at home opportunity for typists to transcribe voice messages and audio files. There is a screening process where you have to pass a quiz in order to qualify for a position, however no college degree or experience is required, though they  do a conduct a background check before hiring anyone.

2- Dion Data Solutions  They offer part time data entry jobs. In ordered to get hired you must have a typing speed of 60 wpm, Computer and a good broadband connection. The best part is they also provide you free training, so not only you get paid, you’ll also learning a few things.

3- Scribie  Is a transcription company that contractor to transcribe audio files. They pay $10 per 1 hour of audio and in addition to that they also pay a $10 bonus on a monthly basis for every three hours’ worth of audio transcribed.

4- Transcribe Me you have to type out information which is in various mediums i.e. Audio or video. The only skills require are good listening and typing skills.


#6 – Test websites & Mobile Applications

You can make money online by testing out websites. Website Testers are individuals who browse through a website to determine if everything on the site is functioning properly.  However to get hired you need to be a little tech savvy, a good broadband connection, a laptop/ computer, an up-to-date browser and fluency of English.

Most of the website tests take about 5-25 minutes and an average payout of  $10 per website. Though the gigs are open for US and International Residents and they pay within a few days after completion.


Some of the websites ask the testers to take a sample test before taking an assignment however this is a good thing. The more test you take  the more you will learn and perfect your testing game consequently helping you to get a high rank and a better payout for your work.


There are many companies which require website & applications testers like:


Final words

 There are thousands of ways to make money online. I am sharing the ones that will really help you make earning online fun and exciting. 

Do comment if you found this post helpful or have any ways to make money online.


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