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I have been meaning to write my review for Pinteresting Strategies since the day it helped me to drive insane volume of traffic to my website.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in blogging is the importance of TRAFFIC.

If you want to earn a full-time income online then the only way you can actually achieve that goal is by driving quality traffic to your website.

When I started blogging, I was following many different blogs, and tried to gain an insight on their traffic strategies. Getting mesmerized and a little bit worried at the same time how easily they can attract online traffic.

This was when I was officially introduced to PINTEREST.

For majority of the bloggers, Pinterest is the leading source of traffic.  So, I knew the source but I really didn’t actually know how was this going to happen.

So like an idiot, I made a Pinterest profile and waited for the magic to happen. Then when that didn’t kick off I started to look at different Pinterest courses & EBooks. One of the things that I realized was most of the courses offering the same kind of strategies i.e. automating and scheduling your pins through Tailwind and Boardbooster.

However one of the books that stood apart from the rest was Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell

To be honest I would be the last person to spend money on eBooks or online courses.

I always believed that the internet is full of helpful articles that can guide you, and to be fair there are hundreds of posts that can help you. However there will come a point in your blogging journey when you feel you should invest in yourself.

Well when I had tried all avenues to help me grow my traffic that’s when I purchased this eBook.

pinteresting strategies

And was the best decision I have ever made.

Many of you might be skeptical about the powers of Pinterest, but trust me it really explodes your traffic (if you know what you are doing).

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is normally assumed to be a virtual pin board, where stay at home moms share home inspirations and recipes. Well it did start out that way back in 2007, however now its one of the leading sources of social traffic for majority of the bloggers.

Pinterest is a cross between  a social media network and a search engine.  So on one hand you can enjoy the features of a social media network  i.e. sharing, messaging and following and also use it like Google.

Pinterest has ever-changing algorithm known as smart feed which displays relevant pins to the users. these algorithms are driven with the keywords that are used for topic identification.  So supposedly if you are a travel bloggers, Pinterest will try to show you mostly pins that are related that niche.

And the what sets Pinterest apart from other known social media networks is that your content/post never dies old.

Where on Facebook you post something on your page or a group it eventually get buried under newer posts.

On Pinterest even your old pins are shared with users time to time.

Pinterest has over 175 million active users and 85% of them are women. 87% of users have actually purchased a product because of Pinterest and 72% use Pinterest for decision making.

So Pinterest has a big influence on its subscribers and you cannot afford to ignore this platform.

Why am I reviewing Pinteresting Strategies?

When I was deciding whether I should Pinteresting Strategies or not I was looking for an honest opinion regarding the book. After all I was buying a $32 book. The only thing that was helpful for me at the time were the testimonials Carly got or a positive feedback I could find in income and traffic reports shared by bloggers I was following.

I actually wanted to read a review and I couldn’t find any! And I am sure many of you who are on the verge of buying the book would still be doubting if it’s a good purchase or not. You want to know something about the book before you actually buy it.

So this review is for you all!!!

Pinteresting Strategies: Course & Structure

The book is structured to help you grow your audience and build a consistent traffic. It consists of 14 chapters and every chapter has specific purpose

The first four chapters talk about the prerequisites that are important for the successful implementation of her Pinterest strategy.

Rests of the 10 chapters are all about how to win on Pinterest, what are the key tools for a successful Pinterest profile and Carly’s Pinterest strategy.

She literally covers every aspect of Pinterest,

  • Step by step guide on how to setup a Pinterest profile
  • Detailed steps to join group boards
  • How to create an eye-catching pin and what type of stock images to use
  • How to manual pin like a pro
  • Proper scheduling plan that Carly uses
  • In-depth pinning strategy to explode your traffic

So in short Pinteresting Strategies is perfect for beginners and mature bloggers. Helping both of them to understand Pinterest better and exponentially grow their traffic.

Who should buy Pinteresting Strategies?

The first thing you need to understand is, Pinteresting Strategies will only be helpful if you already have a blog and monetization plan setup.


If you are looking for a book on how to setup a blog or ways to monetize your blog then this isn’t what you are looking for. In order to successfully implement the strategies in this book you need at least 25 quality posts on your blog.

The book is solely for bloggers who want to build and grow their blog traffic. As a blogger I know the struggle for a consistent traffic. For me I believe a good traffic is a motivation factor for my blogging. If my blog is getting a good number of page views I am a happy camper and I am sure this would be true for many others.

Honestly I used Facebook and twitter to draw in audience to my blog.  I have joined several Facebook groups and Retweet threads. The truth is the effort is far more than the benefits you reap.

The traffic I receive from all the efforts I put in on Facebook or twitter through the groups eventually dies down. I am not saying you should stop using those methods.

Having said that, if you are not seeing favorable results through your Facebook and twitter threads then this book is for you.

This book is also for existing users of Pinterest. People who haven’t had luck with the automated pinning tools (Boardbooster & tailwind) .


Final Remarks

I have read several posts related to driving traffic to your blog and especially using social networks to do so. And I must say Carly is a pure genius.

She went from 0- 200000 pages views in 7 months using Pinterest mostly. And if you look at her traffic reports over the years you will find a steady increase. These days she’s getting an average of half a million page views a month!!


And after applying her strategies to my Pinterest profile I have seen a positive impact on my traffic as well.

Though the price of the book might seem high, but it’s totally worth it. How?

First of all the book talks about a strategies that will help you grow your traffic and also finish the need for automated pinning tools (Tailwind or Boardbooster).

Thus reducing your current expenditure and saving you money in the future as well.

The strategy shared in the book is very different from most of the strategies that you will find online.  However for a successful implementation of this strategy you need to put in a lot of hard work and time.

But I think if you are getting your desired results you won’t mind spending an extra hour on manual pinning.


Here are some other bloggers testimonials about Pinteresting Strategies:

Amber from

Since reading, ‘Pinteresting Strategies,’ I can’t wait to log in and check my PInterest followers every day! Before I started implementing all of your secrets, I would go weeks without gaining a follower and now I am getting 30-40 new followers every DAY!!! The best part?? Pinterest is now driving traffic to my blog and I’ve gained 40 subscribers in the last 24 hours!! I’m only half way through the book! I can’t even imagine what finishing it will bring! This is a must read for sure!

Katie from

“Carly put together a strategy I’ve never seen (and I’ve read and devoured everything), and brought me the results I wanted. I literally got my first pin to go viral! When I woke up one day and saw I had 200 people to my site before 8:00 am, and I usually had maybe 20…I couldn’t believe it. Then, it kept going to 500, then 800…I hit a huge milestone for my blog, and I accredit everything I learned in her book. I’m very serious when I tell you its worth your time and money.”

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  1. I’ve read this e-book, and I completely agree – it’s not for new bloggers. That said, the strategies are sound advice. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, so you’ll have to put in a bit of work. But the methods that Carly advises actually work, and do generate a ton of re-pins and referral traffic.

  2. I don’t believe in the strategies that promise you results with “15 minutes of work a day”, they never work. This book sounds interesting. I have started to focus on Pinterest and did see results, the traffic from this network keeps growing and growing.

  3. I was the same way as you. I figured anything I ever wanted to know was readily available online but sometimes it’s not! That’s why I love these e-courses so much!

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