Have you ever thought to make money on Pinterest?

The internet is full of opportunities  to make money online. But then there are some opportunities we aren’t really cashing out on:


Social media has really evolved over the years making it very easy for users to start their own business and make earn online.

One of the best social media marketing platforms to make money would be Pinterest. Most people aren’t aware of the powers of this social media platform. For many Pinterest is just a virtual pin board

However it’s just not a place to share your favorite images, it’s much more than that. Most of you might not know, but many bloggers and entrepreneurs leverage their Pinterest profiles to earn a solid income.

Pinterest has more than 175 million active users and 85% of them are women. The best part is 87% of pinner’s have actually purchased a product because of Pinterest and 72% of the pinner’s use Pinterest to decide what to buy.

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